CreatorSphere's Trust and Safety team work round the clock to protect our fans and creators alike. Sometimes we may prevent people from using our services, and this can happen for a number of reasons. Included below are some of the reasons why we suspend accounts and how you can appeal that decision.

For all accounts:

You posted content that violated our Community Guidelines

It's extremely important that all users do not post content that violates our community guidelines. If you've been warned before about posting content on the platform that was in violation of our community guidelines, it is likely that our Trust and Safety team removed you from the platform due to continuous breaches. Sometimes a first offence can be serious enough for our team to take action without prior warning.

Duplicate / Alt Accounts

Previous rule violators may have their duplicate (also known as 'alt') accounts suspended.

For creator accounts only:

You did not meet the requirements you promised your fans

CreatorSphere is sometimes requested to step in between creators and fans, and especially when the fans feel that they've received a disservice. Our job is to investigate these claims, as it can often require CreatorSphere to refund users. In the event you were not posting what you promised, we may suspend your account and may refund users.

You gave other users access to your account who were not of age

Unfortunately, if you've been suspended for this reason, it is likely that you will not be successful in appealing. CreatorSphere values all creators of all ages but we have strict rules requiring all creators to be of at least 16 years of age at the point of use. If you allow a minor, someone who is not 16 at the time, to use your creator account, we will suspend your account, and potentially terminate it permanently.

Want to appeal? You can appeal by starting a live chat

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