CreatorSphere believes that sharing is caring, and that's why we love when people share the word of CreatorSphere!

  • As part of our 'refer a creator' policy there are some house rules, these are as follows: You must not lie, deceive or misrepresent or advertise CreatorSphere in a misleading manner

  • You must not promise or guarantee anything

  • You must not say or state you are a representative of the company or an employee (unless you are)

  • You must also be clear that you will have a financial benefit if they use your code.

CreatorSphere pays referrers by PayPal on a 31 day rolling schedule. You will only be paid if you have:

  1. Successfully referred a creator who has

  2. Passed our verification checks

  3. Posted content

  4. Enabled a paid subscription or;

  5. Received tips or pay per post contributions

  6. The creator has received or is due to receive a payout during the same 31 day period.

Eligible purchase types for 0.5% earnings are as follows: first time and recurring paid subscriptions, one time tips and one time pay per post.

CreatorSphere reserves the right to terminate, suspend or modify referrals at any time in line with our Terms of Service.

Should you successfully refer a creator who earns on our platform you will gain 0.5% of their overall earnings during the first 6 months of them being on CreatorSphere and meeting our requirements. This 0.5% will be deducted from CreatorSphere's platform fee. This means that the creator you referred doesn't lose out because they were referred, and instead, we consume the cost.

If you have any queries please feel free to reach out to our team.

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